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Kelly's Tips


In these days of rising fuel prices, fuel efficiency has become a big deal and it is quite surprising how much difference a few simple changes can make:-

Use recommended grade of fuel & oil for your make and model vehicle.

Do you know what your tyre pressure should be? 
Do you know how to check?
Tyres properly inflated save you on fuel costs.

Avoid prolonged idling.

Has your Air Filter been replaced recently?  A dirty air filter is bad for fuel economy.

Don't drive around with a boot full of unnecessary stuff. Too much extra weight uses more fuel.

Do you need to run your air conditioning all the time? Once air conditioning is engaged fuel costs rise dramatically. 

Slow down. Driving faster doesn't mean necessarily you will get there faster!  By travelling at 100km/h instead of 110km/h you can cut around 13% off your fuel bill.

Take care of your car!  A little TLC goes a long way.  Regular servicing, the right tyres & tyre pressure & wheel alignment make a difference.  A well maintained car can use 10 - 20 percent less fuel than an inadequately maintained one.